Hi everyone, Sara here. I plan to write a series of post about us, but since I didn't write those as soon as I had wanted to, I have something else in mind for my first post. Thanksgiving. What does it mean to you? We all know the history of why we celebrate Thanksgiving, but how do you really celebrate? What's the best part?

Is it football? It is turkey or do you prefer the ham? Is it the deviled eggs?


If I had to sum up Thanksgiving for me, it would be gratitude, family and PIE! I do try to take the time and think about all the things I really appreciate it. A line from a hymn always comes to mind, “count your many blessings, name them one by one.” I won't name everyone because well, I'd be writing still on Thanksgiving, but I will share a few. I am really blessed in so many ways.

I am grateful for this free land of America that I live in. I am grateful for all those that serve and protect our country. I am grateful that as Dave would put it, I won the geographic lottery. I was born in America, in a place and time of plenty and where women can speak their mind and wear pants. (I don't really like dresses.)

I am amazed I am married to a wonderful loving man. Everyday he does multiple somethings to show his love for me. I have two amazing kids (ok, they are my stepkids, but they are so awesome, I prefer to just call them mine). They really are amazing boys who love and accept me even though I am “strict.” I am blessed to have a huge amazing family and we all get along and enjoy being with each other. My in-laws are great, the boys mother is a wonderful person, so really I don't have any family members I don’t enjoy.

I am grateful for the education I received, which lead me to a job that helps provide for our family. I am grateful for the opportunity my kids have to go to school. I am grateful for the many modern conveniences life provides. These conveniences allow me to have time to do my hobbies and this new project with Dave.

Although I personally don't do much woodworking, I am in love with the hobby, because of the people in the hobby. I love “meeting” (which is often chatting online) new people and the friendships we have made along the way.

I am grateful for pets. You will meet some of our crazy zoo in the future. Sometimes pets are a lot of work, but the bring happiness and laughter to life too.

And lastly, but to me most importantly, I am grateful for my faith. I am a Christian and can't pass Thanksgiving without recognizing the gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you are a person of faith, I hope you take the time to meditate and recognize all the reasons you have in your life to be thankful.


P.S. That job I referred to above, is in I.T. So, obviously English/writing is not my strong suite. Please accept any errors and be grateful spell check exists!


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